Real-Time Data for Enhanced Patient Experience

Roper St. Francis Healthcare

Roper St. Francis Healthcare is a private, not-for-profit hospital system in Charleston, South Carolina consisting of 3 hospitals, 671 beds and more than 110 facilities and doctors' offices in the region.

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Before, we didn't have real-time service level specific data. The way the data is displayed is really helpful. We have a much more acute awareness of what the patient is experiencing from start to finish. It gives us the ability to really do continuous process improvement to make sure that we are enhancing and improving the patient experience.

Donte Lazarus // Contact Center Director, Roper St. Francis Healthcare

A Real-Time Centralized Scheduling Solution

Revation Systems’ cloud-based contact center application provides a unique solution for centralizing patient scheduling. As the first all-in-one system, LinkLive provides encrypted communications across a variety of mediums, including live chat, email, IM, SMS, text, VoIP, video, secure file transfer, and desktop sharing to reduce operating costs, decrease hold times, and streamline the scheduling process, all while improving patient satisfaction.